Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This blog comes into being due to a recent event that took place with Goody Tickets. I saw that my favorite dancers were coming to town for a one night production. I was so excited...have followed them since they started on TV. I waited until the day the tickets were available and sat by the computer.
Goody Tickets had many tickets available so I choose my favorite seats that I wanted on the Mezzanine. We paid an exorbitant amount for the tickets, but we seldom go and this was really special.
I purchased the tickets right after they went on sale so that I was sure to get the seats I wanted.
Well, that was 2 months before the production, so I was feeling good about our purchase.
Several times during the coming months I received 2 emails from Goody Tickets offering me better seats as a trade with money back on two others seats.
Should have known something was up.....but I never have these dealings so I was unaware.